The Pinball Experience

The Pinball Experience by Chris Freyer

Choose your own adventure!

Tokens transport you to…

The Pinball Experience Discover Outer Neon
  • Your perspective of the world will never be the same
  • Acquire artifacts to unlock a parallel reality
  • Pairs well with Explorers and The Last Starfighter

The Pinball Experience Cinematic Pixel Arcade
  • Your ability to balance instincts and strategy are questioned
  • Acquire pixels to bridge your analog past and digital future
  • Pairs well with High Score and Tron

The Pinball Experience 2 Cyber City
  • Your inventions in modified-tech have become invaluable.
  • Race against time to save the city and create your legacy.
  • Pairs well with Blade Runner and The Terminator

The Pinball Experience Max Synth Wave

The Pinball Experience Noir Night Ride
  • Your dreams of a dystopian future are becoming a virtual reality.
  • Acquire relics of the past to ensure the nightmare stays fiction.
  • Pairs well with Back to the Future and Drive


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